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My intel q8300 is rated at 2.5ghz, and says so in windows info, but in CPU-Z and everest it is rated at 2.0 to 2.3 with the multiplier jumping from 6 to 7 (the bus being 333). In the bios speedstep is disabled. Temps are fine. My memory is at the correct 800 MHz.
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  1. I have speedstep disabled in the bios, could it still be it?
  2. Are you sure your motherboard supports your processor. It should be at an 8x muti at full speed and 6x when speedstep is enabled also try disableing C1E and set your multiplier manually to 8x
  3. Should the bus still be 333 mhz because 8 x 333 = 2664, and it is a 2.5 ghz processor? Should I rework the bus so the memory multiplier keeps it at 800 mhz and the processor at exactly 2.5 ghz?
  4. Ok I shut off C1E, and changed the multiplier to 7.5, the highest it would go, and now the clock is 2.5 ghz. Should I turn on speedstep just so it would save energy or leave it off?
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