Blue dots at high res?

Hey i have a Radeon 5870 i just bought and just after i got it it started making little blue dots everywhere, i thought my screens pixels just died all at once, wich would be cheaper lol. well after an immediate shut down it still did it so i popped it out and thew in my old card and the screen was fine so i put the card back in and :o Blue dots. I turned the res down and there gone but if i go above 1440x900 i get shiny blue dead lookin pixels. also i turned on CoD4 to see what it would look like and the blue dots swirl around outlining the clouds of smoke. Does anyone by chance happen to know what it is? I figure its a hardware malfunction, im going to RMA it.
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  1. Sounds like the memory on the 5870 has a problem. I'd send it back.
    But, just to be sure, also try the card in another computer.
  2. ^+1
    agree, try it first in another computer, if the blue dots still appear then return it to get a replacement... :)
  3. ^ Does sound like a video memory issue.
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