How'd my i5 build turn out?

My system:

sapphire 5850 oc'd with CCC to 775/1125
i5 @ 3.8
msi gd65

3dmark 06 was 21147

how does this compare with other systems with similar specs? i don't want to pay for the full version of 3dmark and i tried and failed (miserably) to find some numbers from similar systems... anyone have any?

or... point me in the right direction so i can figure out how my build is performing on my own. i'd actually prefer that, but post numbers if you've got them!
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  1. Don't know how many people with i5's posted but here are some threads from over in the GPU forum for you to peruse:

    3DMark06 Scores...Amazing...Part 2

    Post your 3DMark Vantage Scores here!

    3dmark06 Scores- 2009
  2. oh cool, thanks man.

    still looking for people to post some links or marks with a similar build...
  3. Hey man, I'm no expert and im somewhat new to building computers but I do know a good place to look which was referred to me by a few members. Go to the futuremark website, click on community, and you can actually type in the name(s) of the parts in your build to find similar systems and their scores.
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