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K8WE S2895 Windows 7 installation

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a b $ Windows 7
a b V Motherboard
August 28, 2010 11:56:53 AM


i have an old workstation with these following specs:

2 x 275 Opteron
Tyan K8WE S2895
16 GB Ram DDR-400 pc3200 Micron (8 x 2GB)
Quadro FX 1800
Corsair SSD 120GB
2 x Apple Cinema 23 Displays

i got my corsair drive 3 days ago and tried to install windows 7 64bit ultimate on it,
so i put in the dvd and start from it and after windows files are loading the windows starting screen appears and then nothing happens. i am now trying to do it for about 2 days with no luck, so i install windows xp professional 32 bit, this works perfect, but i want windows 7.
my bios shows everything correct, the 16 GB ram and the drive.
I have an old bios version 1.00 and no floppy to flash it. i dont know if it needs a biosupdate? and when yes how to do it without a floppy?
3 Months ago i had only 8 Gb of ram and everything worked fine with windows 7 64bit ultimate, so i pull out the new 8 GB ram but it doesn help.
i dont know what to do.
any ideas.
thanks in advance;)


p.s. sorry for my bad english;(
a c 435 V Motherboard
August 28, 2010 12:29:30 PM

Your problem isn't unusual. I used to think that windows 7 would work on any board no matter how old. But that's not true. If your board is so old that vista drivers aren't available, then I would upgrade it to something newer. DDr2 is available cheaper with so many folks selling it on craigslist or ebay and changing to ddr3. I would try selling off your old board/cpu/ram or leave it with windows xp as a spare system. If you don't need another server setup, build a desktop with ddr3 and am3.