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how do i format my pc without deleting files
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  1. I don't think you can, unless the files you want to save are on a separate partition.
    Best bet is to copy the files to a flash drive or burn them to a CD, then format the HD.
  2. how do i format window 7 without cd
  3. What do u want to do daniel joy500? Tell us more details. How much space do u have left?

    The best would be to get another cheaper drive. Or USB stick, depends how much data u need to save. Or CD/DVD.

    U could, but u would need to create a partition and move the files there. And than format the drive partition.
  4. If you want to format the drive which is currently in use by the operating system you will need to either boot to something that isn't running on the OS drive, or connect it to a separate system.

    If you format the system you will obviously need to install a new operating system, so you should be able to boot to the installation screen of the OS and format the drive that way.
    If you don't have a CD drive you can install Windows 7 off a USB.
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