Which monitor do you prefer?

Hi, i have recently upgraded my pc. I'm looking for a new monitor (22" to 24") with 1080p, i'll be using this monitor mainly for gaming. Price range from $200-300AUD.

At the moment i'm thinking about these monitors:
BenQ G2420HD
Samsung P2350
Samsung P2250
Philips 220E1SB

what do you guys think ? any other monitors you guys recommend?
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  1. See if you can stretch your bill to a Hanns-G 28''. It's $300 USD.
  2. How good ? or how bad can this monitor be.
    169.99 free shipping. I have a 20 inch dell--- I'd like a upgrade. But can't really justify it. This monitor has been this price once before. So is it really just inexpensive to make ?
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