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Hello, I have an Acer Aspire One A0532h {Atom 1.6Ghz netbook}with SATA Hrddrv. I use a 2-partition 500Gb with XPPro, but want to use/learn trhe meego Linux it supports not take my personal data out to the local WiFi spots because I live in a high-theft area. I've seen the {$10 at Amazon} SATA to Compactflash Type I/II adapters, but has ANYONE built a simpler USBDrive to SATA adapter yet?.
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  1. Why would anyone want a USB to SATA adaptor? You can buy a SATA to USB adaptor for not much money, is that what you meant?
  2. pjmelect said:
    Why would anyone want a USB to SATA adaptor? You can buy a SATA to USB adaptor for not much money, is that what you meant?

    Nope, been using the SATA/IDE-TO-USB adapters to virus clean systems for other people for years. My understanding is that those adapters have to be actually listed as "bi-directional" to do what I need.

    MY need is to have an inexpensive set of 2 or 3 USB flashdrives in 8-16Gb sizes (about $16 locally at MicroCenter) set up as 1 with WinXP Pro and only a few essential programs/games, 1 with Meego Linux, and 1 with "other" linux versions it supports like Freespire/Ubuntu/Linux mint/Android/etc.. The main reason for flashdrives is that they will fit inside the harddrive compartment when closed, and the hardware adapter would need to make the flashdrive appear as a NON-REMOVABLE MEDIA drive to the BIOS/OS/SATA connector.

    I recently ordered, but haven't tested yet - an SDCard-to-SATA adapter, and have a 16Gb Class 10 card to use with it {Will buy more if the USB's not an option}, but the read/write speeds of a USB 2.0 port are 480Mbps compared to roughly a 30Mbps MAX on the *most* expensive SD/CFlash cards out now.
  3. I see what you are trying to do but I doubt the practicality of it. Your speeds were a little bit off, The USB2 port is 480Mbs but due to overheads it works out that the maximum transfer rate of USB2 is about 30 Mega/Bytes a second, the fastest generally available SD cards are 10 Mega/Bytes a second which is a little slow for your use.
  4. Correct, the overheads being removed from the equation by the (flashdrv feeds @ 480Mbps into the) adapter brd, which is connected to the SATA connectors that operate at 1.5/3.0Gbps. So {at least theoretically} the FLASHDRIVE adapter would be 1600% faster than the existing adapters {SDCard and Compactflash I/IIs} ... because the overhead of USB operation is taken out by the SATA connection.

    Which takes me BACK TO my original question ... I'm trying to find an adapter that does this connection transferral if it does exist. Basically the latest thing I've seen CLOSE TO my version is the 'DOM cards' {Disk On Module} that are basically an SSD without the casing. The difference with MY version is that t doesn't require re-formatting permanently mounted RAMChips on the board to switch between OS'es, and it won't cost $150+ to replace the drive's data surface.

    I've also seen recent posts relating software that can 'toggle the removable medis bit' of some USB flashdrives, but that still doesn;t store the flashdrive itself tucked into the drive compartment of my netbook safely. {non-dongle}.
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