6g ddr2 vs 4g ddr3

Can someone explain the difference here? Is 6g ddr2 better than 4g ddr3?

Thank you
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  1. not really, i'd go with the 6GB ddr2 over the 4g ddr3

    its really depends on your mobo if you can run ddr2 or ddr3
  2. I'm looking at purchasing a laptop. One is an hp (AMD Turion II Dual-core M520 with 6GB DDR2) and the other is a dell (Intel Core i3-350M processor, 4GB DDR3).

    I'm trying to decide which one is better. Both are priced the same. The hp has blu ray and a 17.3" screen so I'm leaning towards that. I'm just not sure if the AMD with 6g ddr2 is fast?
  3. depends on what you want to do with it

    the amd is fine for most (if not all) tasks
  4. Watching movies, internet, word and excel, outlook email, photo editing, and xsitepro (website design software). No gaming.
  5. then the amd is a good choice (esp with that blu ray drive)
  6. Thanks jefe. I appreciate the feedback.
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