Cant find cd drive in bios or windows


Ive been using daemon tools for a while now, but the first problem popped up when I tried to use a CD rom..the ******* cd didnt got detected. So I uinstalled daemon tools and now I cant find the cd rom at all.

Tried to see in bios and windows, tried troublshooting aswell without any luck. The cd rom has been working perfecty, even befre I installed daemon tools..

How do I fix this...?

And yeah google is your friend I know. Ive tried to search google for hours but this hasnt solved my issue.
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  1. Also tried to unplug the cable and plug it back in.
  2. Visit this Microsoft web site and click on the run now button.

    Daemon tools would not be responsible for you not being able to see the CD drive in the BIOS, perhaps you are not looking in the right place or you have not put the drive cable back properly. One thing to try is to place a bootable CD in the drive and to see if you can boot from it (after making the CD drive the first drive to boot from in the BIOS)
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