Is this motherboard any good?

I was wandering if this motherboard is any good

all help well appreciated
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  1. It's not terrible. It's socket 775 (which I'm sure you know), which means it can only run the C2D's and C2Q's. It does however support DDR3, which is a plus. The on-board graphics aren't great, but it has a PCI-e x16 slot, so you can add a graphics card. It also only has 100mbit network adapter, but that most likely won't be an issue for you.
  2. I don't like the 2xddr3 and 2xddr2 ram slot configuration. If you already possess DDR3 memory I'd suggest a board with 4xddr3 ram slots OR if you already possess DDR2 get a board with 4xddr2 slots. This way you can add more ram later without having to throw our your old ram sticks.

    You may also, if you are up for spending more, buy a board with all DDR3 ram slots and get new ram.
  3. can someone suggest a motherboard which supports DDR3 in the same price range
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    4x240pin (ddr3 ram slots) and 1xPCI Express x16 slot for a GPU. $60 + shipping.
  5. runningbot said:
    I don't like the 2xddr3 and 2xddr2 ram slot configuration..

    Oops, overlooked that. That's an awful feature, imo. Go with the Gigabyte board :)
  6. Is the MSI g41tm p31 any good?
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