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So this may be a dumb question and the answer is probably really simple but i cant figure it out. I have a d5 with the bitspower pump top v2. I love the look of the clear tube shaped reservoirs and i want to get one. However i cannot figure out how it would mount on the top of my pump. All the pictures that i have seen show the reservoir sitting flush on the top of the pump but i dont see how they connect without some sort of an adapter. I also am confused as i have an in and out port on the pump top so i would have to plug the out port correct? If i do that i dont see how it would sit flush as the plugs that i have seen come up a little off the edge of the top. I have looked at several forums and tried to find videos or pictures with no luck. Again this may be really simple and proabably is but im confused. The res that i want to get is the bitspower water tank multi 150 if that helps.

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  1. It doesn´t seem to be a simple question at all.
  2. So, can I get 1 question! :lol:
  3. Ok so one question...

    How do you mount a tube reservoir on a pump flush?
  4. I'm kinda lost here, but what you're looking to make ultimately is something like this right?

    If so, they have the installation pdf on the site as well at:

    Hope this helps
  5. ahh ok! i see that there is an adaptor piece it looks like. anyone know where to get just that piece so i can intall a different rez?
  6. No not that. I want to have the rez sit flush on the pump which that kit does but I want the multi option rez that has multiple options on top so that I can use one as a fill port. I that kit would be great if it had the multi top rez option.
  7. so you want a multi option res with a pump mount? Well the only multi option res I like are the EK advanced ones. What you could probably do is buy something like this:

    And buy a multioption res bottom like this one:

    And put it up top, other than that I don't know of any, sorry.
  8. So that bottom would work on top? If so you just solved all my problems!
  9. I'm not 100% certain on that, but I believe so. To be doubly sure I highly suggest you consider contacting EK to be safe, they're normally very quick to respond to inquiries too.
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