AMD type mainboards freezes the computer

Hi guys,
Didn't know where to put this post as the problem is occuring on multiple mainboards with different OSes, the only common point seems to be AMD XP+ type processor.
mainboard: Asrock 939dual Sata-2, vga: pci-e radeon X850 XT 256MB, processor: AMD athlon64 3200+, ram: 2GB ddr1, OS: windows7 professional. Problem description: sudden loss of picture, reset button doesn't help, when I pulled the power and plug it back the system booted, but froze on "windows7 startup" picture. The same thing applies for safe mode. At first glance thought it was the VGA problem, so I exchanged it with several others (agp, pci-e). The same "freezing" problem.
When attempted to reinstall windows XP, the setup completed in text mode, but froze upon reboot in the "graphical setup". I have tried removing all the i/o, memory and then re-adding - no change. When I tried to boot my "bartPE" cd, the computer was stuck on "windows XP startup" screen, about one second when it appeared and not even fully brightened - because of computer froze. I even tried booting from a HDD which has FreeBSD 8.1-STABLE installed - that stopped at the point where bsd stops detecting hardware, and should start to mount the filesystem. I even trien to reset the BIOS and loading the defaults - also no luck. It seems to me like a "broken" motherboard.
Then the friend came up with his computer and had the quite same problem:
2nd configuration: mainboard: GA-7VAX, vga: radeon 9000, ram: 1GB ddr1, processor: AMD XP 2100+ problem: Windows XP freezes up on the startup screen, also freezes when going to safe mode when the drivers are loaded. Windows setup freezes on text mode "starting up windows XP", bart CD freezes on startup screen.
When Googling for answers came up short ;( I am also aware that hardware is a bit old, but i find it amazing that 2 amd based computers "broke" almost the same time with quite the similar problems.
If anyone had a similar situation I would very much appreciate the answers and also if I hadn't provide enough info for a possible solution.
Thank you very much,
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  1. I had some ocassional bluescreens with my old asrock dual sata II 939 boards, regardless of the ram used. I bet you have some old bad capacitors (bad caps) that figure somewhere in your problem. Older boards sometimes have this issue, and there's no affordable cure. That's one reason I sold off my old 939 boards, cpus, and ram. Newer boards have solid caps, and are getting more reliable, but not necessarily, more durable. They can fail suddenly for unknown reasons.
  2. Yes I have also looked up the capacitors on both motherboards and they seem to be "inflated", since I can get the replacements cheap I am considering replacing them.
    Thank you for your quick response.
    Best regards
  3. If your game for replacing the bad caps, might as well try it. I worked at an IBM printed wire board plant, making bare boards with up to 18 layers for high end server equipment.
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