Low Raid FPS ati 4870

So, I got my new system and am excited that I can play WoW and any games I want on amazing settings. The only problem is that during 25 mans, my fps drops to around 20. When I am running around I easily cruise at 60, Dalaran around 20, and in Org at the Mailbox I get 40-60, same with batllegrounds. Now, I know that during a fight generally its the video card... but when I put my settings lower it barely increases the FPS. Here are my system specs:

2gb DDR2 Ram
XFX Ati Radeon HD 4870 512mb (stock)
AMD Athlon II x2 250 (stock 3.0ghz)
600watt Power Supply

Heating is not really a problem, and I have the Vid Card fully powered via 1 6pin PCIE and a molex to 6pin PCIE adapter.

If it is my processor, can anyone point me in the direction of overclocking? Thanks guys, I appreciate it!

One last thing, even with 20 FPS during 25s, I am extremely grateful for my new system, I used to get around 5 with low settings on my old one. :D
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  1. Ok, so I put in a 2gig stick from a different PC, and the results look promising. So right now, I have 4gb DDR2 ram (2x2gb) and in dal I now get 30-40 FPS, and am queued for a BG to test my frames there. In org, i get 70-90 FPS, although it is not peak hours. I will update once I get in a BG, but it seems RAM was my issue
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