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Hey all , I'm running Windows 7 Ultimate 32 bit with 2 gb ram , amd athlon II 240 @ 3.6 and asus 4770.My problem is that Smart Doctor is not remembering clock settings correctly after reboot.I'm using riva tuner to overclock the memory and core and smart doctor for the voltage.
On Windows XP usually when I reboot/start the PC riva tuner will apply the clock settings and smart doctor the voltage settings.But now on Win 7 riva tuner will apply the clock tweak and smart doctor will UNDERVOLT my GPU to 0.9v(0.95 is default),instead of applying 1.04v(the settings I inputed).
Firstly I thought the two programs are conflicting with each other , so I disabled Riva Tuner "apply at start up" clock and used smart doctor to just tweak the voltage and set it to remember , but alas after the reboot it was again at 0.9.If I set it to not remember my clock settings it starts normally at 0.95v.Another thing I noticed is that Riva is applying the settings first , then smart doctor
So anyone knows a solution to this ?I just want it like when it was on XP - at boot up SD and Riva apply the settings and its a done deal.Thanks for reading.

ps I'm not sure if this is the correct category , so if its not please move it to the correct one.
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  1. Why wouldn't you use the ATI CCC Overdrive console to OC your card? Nvidia is more suited for Nvidia cards. I never had much luck with it on ATI cards. There is a check box in Rivatuner that says apply settings at windows startup, or something like that. I recall this needs checked.
  2. Because Overdrive is limited to 830/850(as is Smart Doctor) , while I want 870/1000 ( 4770 is quite clockable).What do you mean about the Nvidia cards?Also Yes I know about the checkbox - It applies the correct settings ( 870/1000) but smartdoctor doesnt - it sets the voltage to 0.9v instead of 1.04v(default=0.95) , so basicly it undervolts it for some odd reason.
  3. Have you tried the MSI Afterburner utility? It is AWESOME! Unlike the ASUS utility it is not brand specific. I've used it on my ASUS 5870. It encorporates components of Riva Tuner and other items. It has an overvolt slider as well. I am willing to bet you will love it. It has a great fan control utility to that is just sliding a graph around. It has some crazy limits to.
  4. I've heard about it here and there , but thought it will req a bios preflash.
    Anyway just installed it and it looks sweet.Gonna try it out and post results later.
    Thanks mate
  5. I have a 4770 as well. a xfx. The msi utility does not allow voltage change. I tried unchecking , checking in settings. It was checked to begin with but slider does not move.
    My card o/c's like crazy to, a little more voltage might be a good expirement. I can get
    930/980 up from 750/800. Is there a "trick" I'm missing to activate the voltage slider?
    edit: I tried changing the EnableUnofficialOverclocking = 1, but that seemed to make no changes.
  6. Hmm ok , tried MSI afterburner.It changes voltage ( according to the program itself , dont have another to check if it really overvolts).About the clocks however - If i go above 830 for core and 850 for memory it automaticly turns them back below those values. ;Z
  7. ^I do not have a 4770 so I can't really say anything. I just k now its a nice tool.
  8. Yeah it indeed is great , but seems its limited as is CCC and smart doctor.
  9. Hi infra,
    I have a 5850, and have had similar issues with Smartdoctor. I my case, I was trying to set my voltage to 1.15V to match the 5870's specification, and it set to 1.12V, (which was fine), and after a reboot it decided it wanted to set my voltage to 1.1V. Whatever, I'm stable at 900MHz core / (4x) 1220 MHz memory, so I can't complain... but, smartdoctor definitely seems to be a clunky program.

    A method that some people are using, is they'll use Afterburner to manage their fans, and then use the 'AMD GPU Clock Tool' to overclock. You can find the download over at Guru3D. What's good about the AMD GPU Clock Tool, is that it bypasses bios limitations on the clocks, so it'll probably let you push past 830MHz.

    **I don't have the same card, so I'm not sure how well it'll work for you, but just trying to help.
  10. Thanks everyone.I sorted it out.
    Used the Afterburn to manage my volts and fans , and riva tuner to OC.Works flawlessly.
    ps I have to admit that MSI tool is much cooler then Asus's Smart Doctor.Again thanks.
  11. infra said:
    I have to admit that MSI tool is much cooler then Asus's Smart Doctor.Again thanks.

    I know I converted. :-P
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