4890 performance slower than 4850

my system is :
Phenom II 955 BE 3.2GHz
MSI 770-C45
Vapor-X 4890
G-Skill 2Gb (1Gbx2) DDR3 PC12800 C9
Seagate 500GB sataII
Lite-On DVD RW
CM Storm Scout
Xigmatek 650w
VISTA SP1 32bit

i have problem with my system, don't know why it happen...my 3Dmark06 n Vantage score are lower than 4890 average an even below than 4850 with more/less the same system spec.. with 955, 2GB DDR3 500gb..

why it can happen like that???can you guys help me??is it broken or what??and when i playing games like crysis, MW2...sometimes it out to desktop by itself and have some lag, it lag less than 1sec, but it always happen and really annoying...

yesterday i check my graphic card and found that some of my heatsink was bending....is it overheat???never OC or change the fan....all default,,,and i try to use AMD Overdrive and run auto tuning..it just hang...

can anybody help me????
i would be gratefull
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  1. MW2 is a laggy game because it is a pile of CRAP! You probably get alot of lag from a bad host connection, happens to me every so often.

    What benchmarks are you comparing to? do you have a link? what is your score?

    3Dmark is not the greatest to compare with because it is very hardware biased. I've upgraded before and received lower scores, but in game benchmarks score much higher than pre-upgrade. It's not the greatest tool in my opinion.

    Did you have a 4850 before, or are you just comparing your score to a score from a system with a 4850? Don't look at the entire score, look at just the GPU score for that.

    Run a game benchmark, do you have any games with built in benchmarks?
  2. no...
    i just compare it to futuremark database with the same system using Phenom II 955,4890...
    the score was to musch different...
    i forgot how much my score was...
    lets tell the average score in futuremark database were 10000..but my system only got 5000 score...
    don't know why...

    no...that's my new system....i didn't upgrade. Fresh buy with that system spec..

    the game not lag..cause it' was heavy or something like that...but it run perfectly on 1440x900 max detail >60fps..but in the game..it usually broke/lag and it repeat...
  3. By lag do you mean the video locks up for a second, the game gets choppy for a second and if I gather correctly, the game is crashing you to the desktop?

    Run 3dMark again and take the individual CPU and GPU scores down.
  4. That database does not show an overclock. It says I have an i7 920. But does not say @ 4GHz. So you might be comparing to others as well. It's a bad system to go by.

    5000 does seem low though. or was that for GPU only?
  5. i only compare with non OC...total score...but for GPU individually...it just like that... the gap just to far...
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