So...what happened to all of the good thermaltake armor cases?

I decided recently that I want to upgrade my case and remember always really wanting a rock solid thermaltake armor case. Especially the 8000 series. The 6000 series seems ok but I preferred the design and features of the the 8000's. I also remember the 2000 series which seemed basically the same as the 8000's except with included water cooling. Today, I decided to take the plunge and drop some cash on a case upgrade but they seem almost non-existant anymore. Newegg no longer carries the 8000 or 2000 series. Amazon doesn't even stock the 2000 series, and the only 8000 series that they have are used from sellers. I'm confused and wondering if anyone knows why this happened or if I can still get these cases anywhere (For a reasonable price. I saw one or two substantially marked up). Thanks for the help.
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  1. The Thernaltake Armor cases weren't that popular with gamers and enthusiasts.
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    I didn't like them because of the stupid doors on the front. Why build a "gamer" case and then block a sizable portion of the airflow with a door on the front?

    It just didn't pass the "Does this make sense?" test.
  3. I agree with jsc. Doors on the front panel restrict ventilation and airflow.
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  5. I suppose I didn't evaluate the case as effectively as I could have. I guess tech-darwinism saved me from a potentially bad buy. Thanks for the help guys.
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