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does a motherboard only work with a certain bios. for example if you had an oem mobo, does that make it impossible to install a different bios to unlock all pc features? (bios doesnt allow you to OC, can you install a different bios to enable OC)
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  1. Search for a hacked BIOS for your OEM motherboard.
  2. Uhmmmmmm how would I go about doing that? lol (never messed with bios before this way. only ever oc'd on non-oem mobos)
  3. What's the exact make and model of this OEM system?
  4. hp pavilion elite m5910.

    mobo = Pegatron Corporation
    model = Benicia 1.0.1
    bios = American Megatrends Inc. 5.37

    That's all according to cpuid cpu-z
  5. the exact mobo model is
    Benicia IPIBL-LB
    bios AMI 5.37
  6. I would say it's very risky to try and flash an unlocked BIOS to this OEM motherboard. There are too many variations of that motherboard, some with exactly the same motherboard model number but with different audio chips, different network host controller chips, etc.
  7. It is highly unlikely that another BIOS will work in your motherboard. If the boards are very similar (same chipset) then it may partially work but you may find that some devices such as sound, networking, video, do not work.
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