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i have a prebuilt gateway fx7024 with a geforce 8800 gt 512mb video card and intel g33 mobo and q6600 processor.Any better graphics card out there for this set up?
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  1. YEAH! anything you want to pay for :D

    Your 400W PSU will be the limit though, you will most likely need to upgrade this as well.
  2. On that note.. How much do you want to spend+what kind of resolution/gaming are you doing?

    Newegg has a very good OCZ 500w PSU for $39 that would be enough to let you run cards above $100. Under the $100 range you could get some cards that would work on your current setup.
  3. gtx260 4870 5770.
  4. invisik said:
    gtx260 4870 5770.

    I doubt either the GTX 260 or 4870 can run on a OEM 400W PSU.
    Please RTFM before posting crap next time, this is even worse than that Jacknoryar dude copying & pasting the best graphics cards for the money without changing the $80 from 9600GT to 9800GT.

    What is your PSU OP?
  5. Before buying any PSU, make sure you have room in your case. Some proprietary PSU's are non-standard lengths. I once bought a replacement PSU for a friend's PC, only to discover it was 2 inches to large to fit in his case.
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