Gt 640m overclocking on dell inspirion 14r special edition

i bought the dell inpsirion 14r special edition recently ( not the quad core one) and i was wondering if i could overclock the gt 640m ggdr3. i've overclocked desktop gpus but not mobile one. has anyone tried it on this gpu? if so, wat setting did u use on afterburner. is it safe to overclock at all? thanks in advance ^^
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  1. I recently got a dell xps 15, that came with a gtx 640m though it has gddr5 ram but it shouldn't make too much of a difference. So far in the last 5 minutes I tried out msi afterburner to overclock and was able to push the core boost clock to the limit (+135), and temps seem to be around 77c for me (+10-15 if the cpu were to be at full use probably). Hope you have a laptop that is better at gettting rid of heat than mine, would probably let you keep that type of overclock up.
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