My 1st OC gone wrong ??


so i did my 1st overclocking to boost my 2600k to 4 GHz using this guide:

but i came in to a little problem when i followed the guide for my P8Z68 DELUXE/GEN3 mobo.

so i did the following :

Ai Overclock Tuner : Manual
BCLK/PEG Frequency : 100
by all cores(can adjest in OS): 40

now the problum came when i tryed to enter the voltage:

when i did this and saved to restart , blue screen of death came frown.gif

CAS Latency - 8
RAS to CAS Delay - 9
RAS Pre Time - 8
RAS ACT Time - 24
DRAM Command Mode - 1T
CPU Voltage - Manual Mode
CPU Manual Voltage - 1.12v
DRAM Voltage - Auto

after this i desided to leave the voltage to auto and only adjest the BCLK and ALL cores to 40.
my cpu was set to 4GHz .

ran the prime 95 with room aprox tem at 24 c (i have the cpu on air CM Hyper 212 EVO) for about 30 mins and im getting 78 to 81 temps..and this is on 4ghz only...

one of my mates told me that the high temp is due to the voltage as its on auto...???

i have seen many many many guides but they only further confuse me...any one know what voltages i should be putting ???

on a side note i have a 850v psu if this makes any difference.... plus the cpu boost stills works and i cant shut it down for a constant 4ghz .

also tried to OC at 4.5 ghz pc just shuts down after a few mins of load.

i want a good 4ghz OC plz help me

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  1. Leave your RAM at stock settings.

    Use a negative offset on your voltage. In order to know how much of a negative offset, you need to know how high "auto" is making it in the first place.

    Use CPU-Z to see how high it is under "auto" and then use a negative offset to bring it down to where you want it. (Lower than where you are now, but higher than where you BSOD'd.)
  2. sorry to be a noob but what values am i suppose to change (these are not mine just as a reference i have every thing at stock and auto)

    Uploaded with

    Uploaded with
  3. Please, please, PLEASE! read a guide or two about overclocking. It really helps tremendously if you have at least some idea about what you are doing.

    Following a cooking recipe can never result in an ideal overclock. And this is what overclocking is all about - getting the best result you can without breaking the bank or your equipment. That means finding YOUR ideal compromise between CPU speed and the voltage required to get there.

    Run CPU-Z while prime 95 is running and find out what voltage "AUTO" is for your system. Then go into the bios and put that in as a manual value. Then work your way down (lower that voltage) until the system becomes unstable (or prime 95 starts reporting errors). At that point go up again by a step or two. Run a longer stability test. Look at your temps again. Then report back.
  4. very nice suggestion just one thing im confused at.... which one of the values (voltage) am i supposed to lower ???

    which ones and ill crack it...
  5. The easiest way to overclock is to let the software do the job for you,
    i.e use the 'Asus Auto Tuning' utility, sit back & enjoy your popcorn.

    It might not achieve optimum results but still, it'll overclock your system without bricking it.
  6. AaaaaA no thanks that will just further over volt my CPU innit
  7. Check out the SB overclocking guide up the top of this section,
    You've had your first bsod, as an overclocker you better get used to them, the trick is finding out what caused it and adjusting the system accordingly to find the sweet spot,
    but keep an eye on the volts and temps :)
  8. Actually, the Asus auto-overclocking utility got me up to 4.2 on my i5 3570k without upping the voltage at all... if I remember correctly.
  9. Software clocking programs take over the voltage control so they will up the volts as they see fit,
    on my rig Amd overdrive or ati catalyst won't get me past 3.9GHz, manually setting things I've validated at 4.5GHz
    Amd 975BE,
    Software can be a safe entry into clocking, but it soon outlived its usefulness for me,
  10. Actually the oc guide on the sticky was not helpfully at all :/ it's for Msi mono only and saying fing out what is in mine lol if I knew y would I want a guide in the 1st place lol

    I have the asus p6 mobo

    Second of as many guides don't have is tell a noob how to increase the volts , I have been asking in the forum since 2days for anyone to tell me how to (which values) to increase or decrease regarding volts..... I know how to increase my clocks , voltages are my only problem , hope some can tell me what to increase and what not to ..
  11. Every chip is different. Every chip needs different volts. For example my sandybridge needs 1.26 for 4.0ghz and 1.335 for 4.5ghz but needs 1.395 for 4.7ghz. I had to massively increase the volts between 4.5 and 4.7ghz to be stable. not worth it.

    other people can get 5.0ghz at 1.4 volts. Every chip is different.

    Your bios says you can change your voltage next to where it says CPU Manual Voltage
  12. kenstyle2131 said:
    sorry to be a noob but what values am i suppose to change (these are not mine just as a reference i have every thing at stock and auto)

    Uploaded with

    Uploaded with

    You won't find a guide written exactly for your setup, you are expected to know a bit about what you are doing and that includes being familiar with your bios,
    in your picture for example, it shows a box saying cpu voltage manual, and the box below has the voltage set at 1.12,
    that means that Cpu is getting 1.12v variable for llc and droop (may go up or down a bit as required)
    you need to identify the same setting in your own bios and re-read the guides ready to adjust accordingly to your set up,
  13. ok so i tried to do a 4.3 OC and got this :

    voltages: i tried : 1.275

    ran the prime 95 test for 20 mins

    prime 95, cpuz , real temp.

    74 80 79 78 max came down a bit after 10 mins but not too much

    edit unstable after 10 min of prime95 = blue screen

    now trying 1.245 still temps rising !!

    gona play with the voltages a bit: i think ill find the sweet spot some where 1.225 and 1.325v

    any suggestions ??
  14. anyone??
  15. Keep going, the main part of clocking is tiny changes and persistance :)
    it takes time to find the best stable speeds for your gear, theres no 'quick setting'
  16. well got to 4.3 @ 1.256 temps stable , temps under 60 Celsius all cores running prime95 1hr...should i low the volts or u think this volt is stable??

    but on a side note i got a new cooler the h80 and modded the fans to 12v direct !! and not the digital config
  17. Play at those settings for a day or so, make sure there are no bsods or random freezes, then see if you can clock higher, if not then see if you can lower the volts,
    4.3's not shabby though, and on a h80 no less :)
  18. ya i been playing bf3 all day with this setting NP at all max temps 60 Celsius ..can u tell me if i clock higher will that help with my fps

    gtx 680 sli on 3 22" monitors with nvidia surround

    currently im getting around 57 to 70 FPS , NO AA , 2xMSAA. all setting on ultra

    lol and the fan on 12v are loud as hell :P i love em
  19. :D

    I think at that high of a resoltuion (Im guessing you have a pretty high resoltuion since your using three screens) your gonna get gpu bottleneck rather than cpu.

    Try OC your gpus with MSI afterburner a bit. like 10% of stock speeds?
  20. BTW try intel burn test. That tests stability of your cpu. And i would go farther if I wanted better performance. Maybe just a little. As long as your cpu doesnt get over 80C, 75C is max temps i would ever go.
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