USB or PCI HD Tuner for HTPC?

There seem to be so many choices - I want to be able to grab over-the-air channels as well as connect ClearQam (sp?) in the future. I am running Windows 7 and would be using Windows MEdia Center - any suggestions? I want to spend less than $60
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  1. My personal choice is PCIE base HDTV tuner. Its cleaner setup with more I/O connectivity than USB base tuner.

    Here's the tuner that i use.

    It works well with Windows Media Center and with the vendor TV/PVR/DVR software.
  2. I appreciate the response but that tuner is $130. i would even go as high as $80 but really can't afford more.
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    Here's a good resource for TV tuners for PCs:

    The table on the linked page will give you prices, pros and cons for popular PCI, PCIe, USB, and network tuners.
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