Custom Wooden PC Case

I was very fortunate to have been commissioned to build a large wooden tower case, to be used to hold a very large water cooled rig.

The case was designed to contain an EATX motherboard, seven 5.25-inch drives and eight 3.5-inch hard drives.

Two water cooling loops will be installed, with two 120.4 radiators mounted in the top chamber, expelling warm air through the perforated aluminum. Each chamber is fed with cool air from the bottom of the case via an air duct formed by the solid front panel.

The case was made from 3/4-inch solid red oak and 5.2mm red oak veneer plywood (but only weighs 47 pounds) and finished with a black water-based stain and polyurethane.

Thanks for looking!
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  1. Good job, but its not my cup of tea. Hope you dont get a short and burn your house down.
  2. Seven 5.25-inch drives? Why? :lol:

    Anyways, good build. I swear I'v seen this on bit tech....
  3. daship said:
    Good job, but its not my cup of tea. Hope you dont get a short and burn your house down.

    Ugh. Before this gets out of hand, the four great myths about wooden PC cases are:
    Wood cases catch fire. The ignition point of wood is 250-650 degrees Celsius.
    Wood cases need to be grounded (short-out). All of the computer components are grounded through the power supply.
    Wood cases run hotter that other cases. The case material has an insignificant influence on internal case temperatures.
    Wood cases need EMI/EMR shielding. Most likely this is not an issue and wouldn't be any worse than an acrylic case.
  4. ^Yup. I'v got a DIY HTPC case (nothing fancy) that's wood and it doesn't have any problems.
  5. Nice job! What did you use for the rear center metal panel? It looks like a complete panel from a typical atx case.

    How tall is the case?
  6. Nice. I assume it matches your desk? That looks great.
  7. Err... What is its weight?
  8. 47 pounds (says in the post). Not bad at all in my opinion.
  9. Nice craftsmanship. I've thought about crafting a wooden pc case myself and may still do it yet once I get all the tasks done around the house (2 years from now, lol).

    Anyway, nice job! = P
  10. The EATX motherboard tray came from

    The physical characteristics are:
    Internal dimensions (HxWxD - inches): 26 x 10 x 25
    External dimensions (HxWxD - inches): 30 x 13 x 30
    Weight: 47 pounds
  11. Yeah that is what I thought, I almost got mine from MountainMods but in the end for my case I hand built out of Aluminum and wrapped with Granite I did the back plates and hard drive bays myself.....

    Very nice custom case BTW, You do very good work. One of these days I may just get around to doing a custom wood case. Once I get my house finished, maybe, LOL.
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