Kingston HyperX 1066 MHz and Asus M3A78-EM

Hello Guys I have bought the Asus motherboard (M3A78-EM) and the Kingston HyperX 1066 MHz DDR2, I set the timings on the motherboard, and confirmed with CPU-Z the correct DRAM Frequency of 536 MHz, my Question is that the Cycle Time (TRAS) is "24 Clocks", Is that Right???????? Here is the CPU-Z Picture:
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  1. It's a default setting. You can tighten it to 18 or maybe even 15, but you won't be able to see a difference in anything but Bench Marks.
  2. Thank You Very Much, I tried to put it on 15, but the bios option doesn't allow me to do it, it just stay in "Auto", I press "Enter" and nothing happened.

    And what is the TRAS? is better to have it on 15? :D Thank you for your response!
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    tRAS - Row Active Time:
    tRAS is the number of clock cycles taken between a bank active command and issuing the precharge command.

    it shouldn't make any difference in any "Real World" program you use.
  4. Thank You! :D
  5. Your quite welcome Lobros!!
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