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I'm running an AMD 965BE @3.8GHz. I have a Spire Thermax Eclipse II w/ 2 120mm Ultra Kaze 133cfm fans. (yes it sounds like a jet engine). My CPU idols at no more than 10C above room temp in a controlled 70F room. Max temp 24hr 100% load is 46C. I'm trying to decide if I want to go liquid. I'm not sure that temps would change much. I'm looking for some temp info from those who are running liquid rigs. I know these CPU's tend to OC better at cooler temps. At least from what I've read.
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    Ur not even hitting the limit that your fans are able to cool at. I would switch to liquid if your 24hr load was at 60c. Other than that, it seems like you can run harder and your fans will still be able to handle it.
  2. 46C is a very low temp which is good. I would say you don't really need water cooling.

    If you got a fan controller, you could lower your fan speed so they aren't so loud.

    If your temps go over 70C then you're going to need to worry about your temps.
  3. That's kind of what I was figuring. I intend to put a controller in to lessen the noise. I didn't think liquid would make much of a temp difference. the mass air flow in my case seems to be keeping really good temps. Any advice on the max temp for OCing this chip. I've seen alot of conflicting info on max temp. trying to figure out how much headroom I have to play with.
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    If you want to lower the noise level and keep the same performance, h2o is the way to go. If its your first, I suggest a closed loop system that is prebuilt. Thermaltake as some nice ones that are cheap too.

    So the only real advantage of going liquid cooled in this rig is low noise? Temp won't really change?
    Would a custom built liquid cooler make much of a difference in temp, compared to one of the closed loop systems? for that matter would either liquid options make any significant difference in temps?
  5. Watercooling would make a significant difference if you used the Ultra Kaze fans, but that obviously doesn't make much sense if you want to get rid of the noise.

    WC tends to have more consistant load temps than air cooling, and more of an immediate effect on noise.
  6. Makes sense. I guess short of phase change, or dry ice, I'm as cold a I'm going to get. The noise isn't too much of an issue as I have 5.1 surround sound. I'm going to put a controller in and stick with my build. Thanks for all the information everyone :)
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