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I have an ASUS laptop, model # K72J with a ATI radeon HD5145 video card running Windows 7. I tried connecting the HDMI port to the HDMI port on my Philips 42" LCD. The TV keeps saying No Signal. I thought it was an issue with my HDMI cable so I tried another cable and still the TV says 'No Signal". I then restarted the computer and the TV picked up the signal and displayed the Windows logo and boot up screen but then when it came to the Windows log on screen , it lost signal again. I tried switching the HDMI ports on the TV but still no luck. Finally I tried restarting the computer and it did the same thing again. So I am sure its not the HDMI cable. I am not sure what is causing this to happen.Looks like when all the drivers of the video card has loaded, it loses signal or somehow the HDMI port stops working. I have tried updating the drivers of the video card but it keep saying the drivers are upto date. Any help would be appreciated.

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  1. While Windows is running, remove the HDMI cable conector from TV end and reconnect it. If still no signal, then remove the HDMI cable connector from PC end and reconnect it. Do you now have signal ?

    HDMI connections are not very good and can be loose, not fitting male ends to female ends firmly, especially the PC end. My HDMI cable just fits in about two mm in the Radeon HD5770 female HDMI connector. Even a minor jerk on the cable pops it out.
  2. I tried removing the cable at the computer and tried several different HDMI ports on the TV but still the same result.I even updated the drivers as susggested by ASUS. But every time I restart the laptop and the HDMI cable is connected, the TV picks up the signal. So it doesnt look like a loose connection. But as soon as the windows log on screen comes on the TV goes blank and there is no signal. I have tried the other HDMI ports on the TV with the same result. It seems to me like there is some kind of setting of the video card that stops sending the signal to the TV. But the funny thing that happened is when I was playing around with the brightness (Fn+ F5), suddenly the TV started displaying the image and it started working. But once I shutdown the computer and restarted it, the problem was back. Its real frustrating.
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