HDD Slow to respond???

Have a 2tb Samsung HDD connected as a slave to an asus p8z68-v pro/gen3. For some reason it sometimes takes 3 or 4 seconds for the slave to respond, you can hear it spinning up for a few seconds then a faint click and it works again at proper speed. Have I disabled something? After it has done this once it won't do it again until its been rebooted. It's really confusing and its only intermittent, any ideas people?
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  1. As a slave? I doubt there are any 2TB IDE drives out there.

    It's possible you have windows set to spin drives down after X amount of time? Go into the power options and leave the drives spinning all the time.
  2. It said 20 minutes in the power options so I changed it to never, I will be sooo happy if it's something that simple!!! I thought I'd played with the BIOS too much :)
  3. You might have. If you continue to have issues go back into the bios and reset the bios to default options. I'd stop and wait to see if the power setting change fixes it first however.
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