G6950 and trade up?

I'm deciding how to go about a new build and thinking since my plan is to buy LGA 1156 and bide my time for a Core i5 750 I could go with a P G6950. Don't
need to list all parts, I have some already.

I want to game more and honestly I collect older games so no need to get fancy.
Read a good amount online and will be doing video editing but not alot. Start some ripping and MP3...

My only concerns are if I buy faster ram (I want DDR3) I presume this cpu will
simply run it at a slower speed - 1066. Foregoing a i3 530 would only save a
bit, but it could go towards a better video card.

I could easily go w/several AMD chips but I figure I'll save by building for the future - considering Intel will be rolling out other choices soon.

I'll delve more into cards later. Don't plan on overclocking for now. Will be running Windows 7 home premium.

Appreciate any input. I know you guys know the angles better than I.

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  1. amd will have 6 core cpu's for am3

    highest socket 1156 will go is extreme quad cores
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