Overclocking i5 2500K


I need some help with overclocking my i5 2500K

System spec
PSU 750W Corsair Tx
CPU i5200k
MBoard Asus Z68 M Pro
212 Evo cooler
8 Gig Ram 1600Mhz

My problem is this, in my bios The max i can set the multiplier is 33 @ 100Mhz ( 3.3 Ghz) which is the standard for the CPU

Do i need to update my bios to have the option to increase the CPU multiplier above 33

Please note, that my Mboard is the M Pro (Mini ATX) and NOT the Deluxe Pro

Any suggestions would be appreciated
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  1. Do you have AI Suite II installed? It should have some automatic overclock settings. (just push the turbo button) AI Suite also has the Asus bios update controls.

    Edit: I recognize that doing from the BIOS is preferred by some - just recommending you use the easy overclock mode first to make sure its all working the way it should.
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    somewhat agree with deadlock. Due to turbo mode, overclocking the sandybridge cpus are somewhat more complex. Nonetheless 33x multiplier is plenty, just start raising your FSB and youll get higher clock. strongly recommend a guide before you do this yourself.
  3. bigbang said:
    just start raising your FSB and youll get higher clock

    no raise FSB, keep it at 100
  4. Thanks for the input

    33X is plenty, but i was just wondering for future, if ever needed how i would go bout overclocking. I guess the FSB route is my best option then

    better get reading then

    Im so bummed though. thought i would just be able to up the multiplier to 38

    Thanks for the help guys
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  6. again turbo mode automatically increases your multiplier by 5x (i think) during computing intensive tasks. You can disable or override this but I am not entirely certain how. I have seen it before using intel extreme overclocking package.
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