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Hi, I recently built a new computer (i5 750, Gigabyte P55A-UD4, HD 5850 and OCZ StealthXStream 700w PSU)

My problem is that the computer shuts down whenever it gets to the login screen. I've disabled the graphics and it runs fine when its like that and this only really became a problem once I had the drivers installed for the graphics card. Is my PSU too weak?

I've tried swapping the graphics card from the x16 PCI-E slot to the x8 with to no avail. I've also got the two PCI-E power cords from the psu plugged into the HD 5850 although to what I'm reading they each provide a max output of 18a each?

I'm really stuck on what to do, I hope someone here can help. :sweat:

Edit: Oh and I've got a DVD RW drive and Wireless adapter in use too.
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  1. Your PSU is MORE than fine for that card.

    -Is your CPU overclocked at all? just thought I'd ask.
    -What OS are you running?
    -Did you previously have another video card? I would ensure you uninstall all graphics drivers from Add/remove programs. Then download the latest version directly from the ATI site.
    -Does it shut down or do you just lose video? do you get the login screen in the native resolution before it shuts down?
  2. -No, the CPU isn't overclocked
    -Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit
    -None, I just built it today
    -It shuts down completely and then restarts, Yeah I do see it at native before it shuts down, before the graphics card it loads up at 640x480 IIRC but everything looks much sharper and smaller once I've loaded it with the graphics enabled.
  3. What kind of memory are you using? RAM that is? Maybe run MEMtest just to ensure it isn't a RAM issue. Just a thought. New systems are always a pain to troubleshoot because you don't know what the issue could be. Bad memory can do funny things.
    http://www.memtest86.com/ You download the ISO and make a boot disk.

    When I built mine the i7 memory controller was bad. Do you know HOW long that took to figure out? I sent the motherboard back. I borrow 3 sticks of RAM from a buddy so that wasn't it. I tried mine in his and it was fine. If I under clocked the CPU and RAM it ran stable. What a pain.

    It could just be a bad card to.
  4. I'm using OCZ Platinum 10600 2GBx2 DDR3 Ram. Yeah I'll give memtest a try too then, is there any other way to test to see if its a bad card?

    Ok, memtest seemed to pass the memory so I guess it is a faulty graphics card, I'll see about getting a new one.
  5. Could very well be. Where did you get the parts from?
  6. overclockers.co.uk for the graphics card, PSU, CPU and RAM and microdirect.co.uk for the motherboard and hard drive, the graphics card was by club 3d if that makes any difference.
  7. Hi,

    I've just notice that whenever I connect my PC (Graphics Card) to my 40" TV via HDMI cable, my card is getting hotter about 50 deg C on Idle and also performance slows down. I have the latest Catalyst Driver. I've removed it last night and it went down to 38-39 deg C. I guess in theory I'm using 2 display so it might be exerting more power but what I'm worried about is even the TV is turn off/stand by GPU temp is still the same. The only thing I'm not sure is if the TV is totally off from the power.

    It's just that my old PC which has Powercolor 3850, the pc has the same setup only difference is it's connected via S-Video cable. The PC is ON 24/7 and I never had any issue in terms of increase in heat. Is this because when it also uses the ATI HD audio output on HDMI and S-Video only has Video?

    Has anybody experience this issue? Or is this actually an issue for that matter.

    Thanks in Advance.
  8. Sorry my video card is XFX 5850 black edition. Just can't submit new Question so I thought I will just ask this here as I'm not sure if this is really an issue.
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