Does my mobo support this processor??


So I am thinking about upgrading my computer and I started to wonder if my new processor will work with my current mobo.
I have the Msi 770T-C45
( )

and I cant find the processor I am thinking about buying on the list of the supported processor in that link.

This is the processor: AMD Phenom II X4 955
( )

So my question is: Is that some holy list or will my mobo support the processor?
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  1. Don't worry, it does. On your link, click the 'Processor' category and it'll list them alphabetically backwards, and you will see that the Phenom II X4 955 125W C2 and C3 versions are supported. You may need a BIOS flash though, before your motherboard will support these processors.
  2. You will need bios 7388v80 for it to work.
  3. As lmeow said the 955 is on the list that you linked (both the C2 and C3 versions) so will work fine - though it says you need at least v8.0 of the bios so it may require that you flash your bios if you have not since July of 2009 ( release date for v8.0) so if you have an earlier version bios be sure to flash it to one of the new ones before upgrading (easiest to flash with your old CPU since it is already supported without the flash so do it before replacing the CPU just to be safe !)
  4. Well, I bought the mobo about 2-3 months ago and I have never tried to "flash my bios" do you think it has it since it is so new or do I have to "flash" it.

    SAAIELLO said that I need bios 7388v80 so is that like a minimum or is it specifically for this processor. Do I want to download 7388v85 since it is newest ?
  5. I would flash it to be on the safe side you can find out if you download Everest it will tell you what bios is installed as well as everything you could ever want to know about your system.
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