Laptop keeps turning off after 15 sec with a click then back on

I have a toshiba L505D-S5965 I replaced the DC jack now computer will only come on for 15 sec then there a click ( not a beep) and then come back on right away then about 15 sec make the click sounds like it is coming fron the hard drive area. I took off the top turned on computer and listen sounds like fromt the hard drive. after the third time doing this it turns off for good. No lights come on the computer except There a orange light in front.Screen stays black.

I only took off the keyboard and the top of computer put the new DC jack. This DC jack you just plug into the MB. Any help out there.
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  1. It is possible that a sudden loss of power is causing the HDD to shut off during operation that causes the HDD to click. Therefore the click is an effect not a cause. If this is the situtation the problem will be found in your new DC connector. You should get that sorted before using the Laptop any further as you may well damage components.

    If you want to eliminate the HDD as a potential cause then remove the HDD and see if the Laptop will post. Of course it will halt when it finds no boot drive but if it stays on without shutting off at a BIOS level then it will likely be the HDD.

    I would think it is the first scenario and potential for damage is high.
  2. I tried taking out the HDD and the same thing happens. I put the old DC connecter back in to see if it might be the new one but the same thing happens. have ant more ideas
  3. something different: today when I turned it on with the HDD there a click noise but when I take the HDD out no click noise but it still starts up 15 sec later shuts down but starts up by itself right away then shuts down 15 does this 3 times
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    Ok it seems that we can eliminate the HDD as a cause of the issue. Does the laptop do this when it is powered by the battery? If it does then the problem is likely the Motherboard. If it does not act up when just on battery then the likely suspect is the power unit feeding your DC supply. It may be what caused you to change your DC connector in the first place.
  5. Also make sure that you have not put it back together in such a way it is causing the Motherboard to earth. In fact now that I think about it make sure your power switch is not jamming on somehow. If it was being jammed on it will shut down the laptop in a specified period of time which in the case of your laptop may well be 15 seconds. As the button is still jammed at this point it would try and restart it. This should be the next line of enquiry! If it is not the power button (check under the casing and make sure that switch is doing its job) then try what I have said above.
  6. thank so much for trying to help. The problem was so same and over looked. It was that the Ram wasn't seated all the way. I glad in away it was simple thing like that but also kicked myself in the ass lol. thanks again.
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