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I just purchased an alfa AWUS036H adapter for my dell 11z running windows 7 and which already has a dell wireless 5540 mini-card network adapter that has a very weak signal. I wanted to set up my Alfa adapter and I called AT&T (my mobile broadband provider) and they basically gave me the runaround and stated that I should use the dell adapter as it came with my computer. I have no idea how to set up the alfa adapter. How can I either change my mobile boradband settings so that my dell mobile broadband program uses the alfa adapter or either configure the alfa adapter to use my at&t broadband. Any help would be greatly appreciated and no I am not terribly computer savvy but I am great at following directions.
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  1. If your present internet service is provided by AT&T mobile broadband, that's a cellular network. The Alfa AWUS036H is a "wifi" (wireless B/G) adapter, not cellular, so it's useless for the purpose of improving your cellular reception. That's why the AT&T rep told to continue using the dell wireless 5540 mini-card, it's a cellular adapter, not wifi.

    IOW, wifi and cellular are completely different Internet access solutions, apples and oranges.
  2. Thanks so much and now I know why I was picking up 5 different signals but nothing for at&t. Back to dialup, unless I go into town. Thanks again!
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