Upgraded my CPU, not recognized by BIOS ?


I went from an Athlon X2 5200 2.7 GHz to a Phenom II X3 720 BE a few days ago.

I'm using a ECS A780GM-A motherboard.

The bios doesn't recognize the processor ( AMD Unknown Processor Model)

That said, this board is AM3 ready ( which means it wasn't originaly planned to be used with AM3)

Will flashing the bios to the latest one fix this ? Everything works fine, just that this annoys me a little.

This is what i bought

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  1. As long as the operating system knows what it is then it really doesn't matter. Have you checked CPU-z from windows to make sure it see it right?

    According to my list it says you need bios 09/11/23
  2. My computer reports AMD Processor Model Unknown (Stock Speed 2.8GHz). DXDiag reports AMD Processor Model Unknown (3CPUS) ~2.8GHz

    CPU-Z Reports AMD Phenom II (Specification : AMD Processor Model Unknown
    3 Cores, 2.8 GHz.
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