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I need a new graphicscard, but im not sure my PSU can handle it, so i need some help. Right now i have a single geforce8800GT and my system is running along nicely. But with masseffect 2 coming up, I would like some smoother gaming. I have been looking at the nvidia 275 and 285 cards. but i have no idea how much power they consume. I have a fairly stabel PSU (LC silent giant) but its only rated at 420w. I dont remember how much power the 8800 consumes either, but does the gtx275 use more power then the 8800GT? i remember reading somewhere that they were about the same at load.

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  1. The Max power on a 8800GT is 105W
    The Max power on a GTX275 is 219W

    You are looking at a solid 550W PSU

    If you are in the US Newegg is a good site to shop at:
    OCZ 600W $50 after $25MIR:
  2. allright, thanks :) so i got my hands on a HX650 by corsair, a friend had one lying around :D but now im thinking perhaps i can use the 8800gt for physiX. im not running a big rig 4bg ddr2 1066. an intel c2d 6600 stock speed 2,66 (sometimes @3 ghz) on harddrive wd. one bd drive. all runing on an Asus maximusformula ROG x38. So i habe 2x pci-e 16 2,0 available. so if the hx psu can handle it i will use the old 8800 as a dedicted physix card. but im not sure the power supply can handle it?
    thanks again
  3. oh and im using an inno3D gtx275 that i got on sale cheap, for my main card.
  4. I think it should handle a GTX 275/285 + 8800GT however both of the cards you are considering are rather bad buys compared their ATI counterparts. The HD4890 is on par with the GTX 275 but significantly cheaper. The HD5850 is significantly better and cheaper than the GTX 285 while offering DX11 support and using much less power.
  5. The HX650 is an excellent PSU, and it should easily handle an 8800GT and GTX275.
  6. thanks.
    Im too stuck in Nvidias driver problem solving, tweaking, etc routine for a change to ATi. Also i do 3D using openGL and have never had an ATI card that could match Nvidia there. I use XP for games, the performance hit in Vista and Win 7 was to horible for me to change over,so DX 10, 11 etc dosent matter anyway (havent notivced any visual change from 9 to 10, and the aledge performance boost is eaten by the horribly bloated operating systems vista and 7 (vista RC2) is). Also i got the 275 dirt! cheap even less then the HD4890. apparently Nvidia is close to releasing a new GPU so all the old ones gotta go, acording to the salesman at the store.
  7. Im wondering about one more thing that perhaps someone with more hardware knowledge then me can help me with. since the 8800GT wil only be use for physics isent it unlikely that it will be under full load? any ideas on power consumtion here?
  8. The HX650 will be fine. Don't worry about it.
  9. Im not worried about the HX anymore :) im worried about the electrical bill. im trying to figure out if its worth putting the 8800 back as a dedicated physics card, if its gonna cost me a fortune for a few extra fps or som flowering curtains in a limited number of games, then im going to leave it or sell it. 325w (219 for the 275 and 105 for the 8800gt) is a lot for graphics i think. since the original agia card only needed 30w im thinking it wont be worth it if the 8800 still needs 105w just for Physix, also using up bundels of power when not even rendering a desktop (while not gaming)
  10. You might want to look into a GT 220 or 240 as a dedicated PPU. They are fairly green, should run much cooler than the 8800GT and are relatively low profile and keep the air flowing.
  11. What resolution is your monitor?
    If it's under 1920x1080 the GTX 275 can probably handle the performance hit of using physx on its own and still perform very well.
  12. I have my pc hooked up to my TV, so I always play at 1920x1080. but I max everything out on my games, even if it means frame rate goes down. Hence if I can get a decent FPS boost, from adding the extra 8800GT to my 275GTx I will do that. I just haven't seen any reviews done on the subject. If i only get 5 FPS more in masseffect 2 for instance, then it wont be worth justifying the extra 90+ watts and noise from the 8800, not too me anyway.
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