Cranking up old PC

I want to get a bit more performance out of my current rig, and see how far I can push it, before it goes on the heap.

Motherboard: AsRock 2Core1333
CPU: Pentium Dual Core E2140 (stock 1.6GHz) @ 2.66GHz
Memory: Adata 2G 667MHz DDR2
Graphics: XpertVision 8600GT 256MB

Windows & Utlimate Edition

How would I go about getting (noticeably) more performance? Or is it a lost cause? It's just an experiment as I won't have this hardware for longer.
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  1. Sensible Advice:
    To notice it you need about ~20% increase. If it is already overclocked that much already you are aiming at 3GHz to be noticeable which will be tough.

    My Advice:
    If you are putting on the heap soon, go nuts. I would look up the records for various benchmarks using your cpu and try to beat it. If you happen to find some liquid nitrogen, try to join the 4GHz club! Keep going until you let the smoke out! The motherboard will be outdated too and so not be worth salvaging.
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