Modded bios for m3n78-em for unlocking athlon 7750 cpu...?

i have the normal 7750 not the
black much highest
stable oc i can acheieve with stock
cooler ...?is there any way to use
amd ovrdrive for oc my cpu
eventhough my mb asus m3n78-em
is a nvidia chipset...? or is there
any other software like amd
overdrive that works with my
mb.....?is there any way to unlock
my 7750 to 4 cores eventhough
thr is no acc option in my some bios mod for
m3n78-em if there is any?
or if i successfully unlock my cpu in
someothr unlockable mb into 4
cores and then remove it and put
it in my mb....will it still have 4
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  1. someone reply pls....
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