Iomega external hard drive not working

Hello,my iomega external hard drive 500gb stopped working,there is light to show that it is was working before and have been using it on the same computer for is quiet,no sound at all.i tried on the new lap tiop computer and there is no response,it is just the same.
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  1. It may be dead, check the power cable and data connections.

    Does it show up in Windows disk management? Unfortunately, it also sounds like you have had it long enough to be out of warranty.

    If that is the case, and it is not working, I would take the hard drive out and see if it works by attaching it to a computer by its sata connector -- perhaps what died is not the hard drive, but the case power supply that it is in.
  2. Ralbeast, mine have this proble,i have plugged it into pc and I started Ubuntu cd and I could access the harddrive,but not through my network. my blue light is flashing and white light is solid. still cant get it to work through my router.
  3. im having the same issue, did it ever get resolved?
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