GTX SPDIF Audio Problem

Hi all,

I am trying to figure out the most cost efficient way to get video/audio from my PC setup to my HDTV.
I do not wish to change my GTX 260 graphics card nor my Gigabyte 965P-DS3P (Rev3.3) motherboard or any of my components for that matter due to budget.

My understanding so far is that i should be able to send audio/video through the following configuration:
Motherboard SPDIF out(internal)>GTX260spdif input>DIV/HDMI adapter>HDMIcable>HDTVinput
is this right?

If so, i believe my problem is that i do not have a SPDIF out (internal) pin connection present on my motherboard.

In the past i have tried using the various I/O panel audio connections on the motherboard to take sound to seperate speakers/HDTV audio inputs - always without success. It's possible the audio connections are broken in someway or that my HDTV audio inputs are somehow just not compatable. I have only ever been able to get sound from the 6x audio jacks from the I/O panel through my X-Tatic 5.1 sourround sound headphones.

Am i right in thinking that the solution would be to purchase a sound card with an internal SPDIF pin out? new configuration:
Motherboard>Soundcard SPDIF out(internal)>GTX260spdif input>DIV/HDMI adapter>HDMIcable>HDTVinput

If so, can anyone recommend such a card?
Thanks for your time

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  1. If you want that done cheap this should work

    ASUS Xonar DS 7.1
  2. Does your GTX 260 have the Svideo connection that allows you to use the Coaxial SPDIF OUT from the motherboard?

    That is how I got sound through my 8800GT.
  3. Thanks to you both for the response

    [to the last response] i am fairly certain it does:

    however i seeking for an internal solution to the problem as i am trying to limit the clutter of cables round the back of my PC, and a single HDMI cable is immensley more prefereable than coax cables and also i am unsure if my it will work when i connect them to my HDTV.

    I was under the impression that Zotac have provided the internal spdif cable so that i can (internally): take audio from the motherboard (from the spdif out header- which mine apppears not to have) to the card's 2 pin audio spdif audio input on the side and tben out through the DVI-D adpater along with the video.

    [to the first response] I am just looking for reassurance that if i go out and by a sound card with an spdif out header on the board that i can connect this to the GTX and then audio and video will be transmitted ultimately through a single hdmi cable.
  4. Just make sure you have the proper cable to feed the SPDIF header to the card.
    Usually they come with the Graphics card, if not contact Zotac, but that audio card should work.
  5. That sound card will work for you as long as you have the cable. The internal SPDIF is for the graphics.

    .....wake up man, Ape said the same thing.... :sleep:
  6. As long as the sound card uses the proper SPDIF connection, then yes, you can use a soundcard in place of the mobo SPDIF header.
  7. Yep it does, posted this in the other thread that shows it clearly;

  8. Thanks everyone, it's good to finally have some clarification on this!

    will post my results

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