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I have a Seagate 300GB drive that the heads went bad and I guess damaged the platter. I sent the drive into Seagate to try for recovery and they said they have a 5% chance of recovery and it will cost 2399. Only pay if they get the data tho. Is there anybody better or cheaper to go through that anybody else has used or do you think this is the best price and chance I have of getting the information off the drives
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  1. That type of recovery is expensive no matter where you go, and it underscores why regular backups are so important. . .
  2. That's what I was expecting. Just wanted to make sure nobody had a cheaper idea.
  3. OUch, I was going to suggest the freezer method...but if your heads already damaged the HDD platters, you might be out of luck.

    You could try transplanting that HDD into another HDD that is exactly the same, but this is not guaranteed to work, and in fact would be hard to do so - as you would probably neeed that exact HDD that was made in the plant during the same day as firmware updates can be changed as well as physical features of the PCB found on the underside of the HDD. I just threw that in there just as FYI - but I highly reccomend not doing that as you could potentially ruin a good brand new HDD in doing so. might have to just swallow the loss and just make sure to back up your next files!
  4. yeah, thats painful huh?
  5. The following company offers fixed price data recovery for US$800 plus parts:

    The proprietor is Scott Moulton who is arguably the best known person in the DR business. I have no relationship with him or his company. I would use the above figure as your upper limit.
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