Need help with new water cooling loop

Hey guys,
I Recently did a new build with water cooling in mind, in hindsight I probably should have gotten a more roomy case. I am looking into setting up a custom loop to cool a overclocked gtx 670 and i5 3570k. The real problem at this time is my case, the Rosewill Blackhawk mid tower, it would need a slim 240 rad on the top with 15mm thickness 120mm fans which really wont provide much airflow. Another option would be to configure a push pull as i could mount fans if i removed the top plastic shield, but both fans on each side would have to be slim, probably would have to go with scythes in a push pull config.

Another idea was to have a very thick single 120mm rad with a push pull while only mildly overclocking the cpu and gpu. Any thoughts or suggestions are greatly appreciated.

Build Config:
i5 3570k stock 3.4ghz
EVGA gtx 670
Asus P8z77-lk
Rosewill HIVE 650w PSU
OCZ Vertex 4 256gb
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  1. Flagging to respond from Pc later
  2. You need more radiator space for that CPU and GPU, especially with an overclock. You could possibly get away with a thick 240 (just scraping by) or a 360 rad.

    Certainly not a single 120.
  3. The google provides this example of someone else watercooling in your case:

    Seems like it would be useful.
  4. that is the blackhawk ultra, i have the mid tower but i think i'm just going to do an external rad, then I wont be cramped on space in the future
  5. External rad=Good idea and I fully approve :)
    Calculate your radspace using the info in Rubix' sticky, (links in his Sig)
    another option you have is an external radbox, keeps the case clean and neat-looking
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