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Sorry, i dont know where else to post so here we go.

I have a razer megalodon gaming headset, but when i switch it to 7.1 mode the sound seems to be 'blurry' and unclear, without its surrounding effect. when i switch it back to 2.1 mode the music and sounds sound crystal clear.
I did set my games to 5.1 or 7.1 output, so idk whats wrong.
Megalodon has its own sound card, so does that mean it will totally ignore my original sound card?

I have ASUS P5SD2-A mother board and it has 6 channel audio so i'll assume its integrated sound card can support 5.1 audio anyway?

On to the next question, Im interested in getting a logitech G51 5.1 surround system, so as i mentioned above, will my motherboard(integrated sound card) support this system?

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  1. yes the mobo will support that speaker setup

    and the reason why the headset sounds bad is because the headset doesn't have 7 speakers just 2, so when tries to create the surround effect it turns ugly
  2. good to hear my mother board can support G51, but does its sound card considered to be good?

    yea but ive read reviews about the headset ppl seems to be happy with the product, while im scratching my head thinking what can i do to 'fix' its problem. or is this how the headset(razer megalodon) is supposed to be?
  3. oh and if you can help with this problem as well...

    so how to make my xbox 360 go 5.1?
    I've got a TV, a Xbox 360, and a Pionner home theater system(5.1), but i can't get it to work with 5.1 channel. It will only give me standard 2.1.

    I would assume its cable connection problem, because my 360 is only connected to the TV, and then the 5.1 system is connected to the TV.

    What/how should I do to make my room go 5.1?

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