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I was OK when optimum first brought the fast internet and when they offered boost I said to myself hey even faster. I decided to subscribe to boost however is being a love/hate relationship because at times my internet connection might be as fast as they advertised but when the evening to late night comes forget it the connection is as slow as a slug and it hangs to time out. I had contacted tech support about the problem and although they have being very friendly I can not say the same as to be effective in troubleshooting the problem. They had replaced the wiring, they replaced the cable modem even the splitter which is located at 10.5 feet from it. It worked for a awhile (couple of months) and then the problem aroused again. I went online to see if anyone else have the same problem. That's when I found this forum, Cablevision had an excellent product here but they had fail to address it even to acknowledge that boost should had being beta tested before having it in the field or maybe that is exactly what's going on testing optimum boost on real time to see to do's and dont's who knows. The bottom line is that the same problem is happening here in Westchester County NY(Yonkers). I decided to keep a log of speed test and ping test I do when the connection is good vs slow connection maybe that would help them to figure out the next step.
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  1. try "tracert" when your internet is "slow" and try to find the weak link. Knowing where the problem starts helps.
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