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so i'm buying a Dell Inspiron n3010 i3 laptop which comes with 2GB of RAM and they are trying to reap off to upgrade it to 4GB
then i decided to do it myself
so i found this review:
and it clearly shows that only one memory slot is taken (and there are 2 slots there) and 2GB memory sticks go for about two thirds the price that they were asking for it.
so i went to buy it and they (a different shop though they aren't angels themselves) started saying that there's only 60%-70% chance that it would be compatible
up until that point it sounded like it could be but then he started saying that if i buy it and it won't be compatible i won't be able to get a refund but if i'll bring it to them then they'll put it in and there won't be problems or even if there will be i won't have to pay for the stick (but i'll have to pay for their time in any case) and that where i though it sounds wired so i decided to ask you guys
in the review it looks like they use a single Samsung 2GB stick (ddr3 1066Mhz)
they have a 2GB Kingstone ddr3 1066Mhz stick in the shop

so what do you guys think?
would it work?
maybe i need to look for a Samsung stick
and since i didn't get the laptop yet what is the chance that there will be some other memory configuration (only one slot or two 1GB sticks)

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  1. I see no reason why it wouldn't work. It's memory, your system doesn't care who makes it.
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