Need Help Overclocking i5 2500k

I currently own an MSI z68 GD-65 mobo, with an i5 2500k cpu. I recently installed a fresh copy of windows 7 ultimate and updated all drivers including bios to the latest available. I had my pc overclocked before this at 4.4 (dont remember the voltage), but now I have it at 4.2 because I have the voltage setting in bios at 1.37 for a stable clock which I feel is very high.

My current setup

CPU core voltage = 1.37
vdroop = 75%

Internal PLL overvoltage = enabled
EIST = disabled
Enhanced turbo = disabled
OC Genie button operation = enabled
DRAM frequency = auto
Memory fast boot = enabled
spread spectrum = disabled
system agent voltage (SA) = auto
Limit CPUID maximum = disabled
execute disable bit = enabled
intel virtualization tech = enabled
power technology = custom
C1E support = disabled
overspeed protection = disabled
Intel C state = disabled
primary plane current = 1024
secondary plane current = 32
EuP 2013 = disabled
CPU phase control = disabled

The new bios now has percentages for vdroop instead of the normal low or auto. I have it at 75% but not sure if I want that percentage higher or lower.

Also when I look at CPU-Z it shows my voltage at 1.320-1.328 idle and 1.232-1.240 during load. The bios shows the same numbers but are no where close to what I have it set at. Is this normal?

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  1. That's some serious vdroop.

    Whatever LLC setting you are using is not having the desired effect. Try 0% and then 100% just so you know what the values translate to.

    I would also lower your vcore in general though.
  2. found a new stable setting.

    using 1.35v, 100% vdroop for 4.2

    Still don't like what I am seeing.

    CPU-Z idle = 1.304 - 1.312, load = 1.232 - 1.240

    vdroop offset control would be the same as load line calibration right? want to make sure im not missing a setting somewhere.
  3. Vdroop should = LLC, it just seems really weak.

    Have you tried 0% ?
  4. The bios doesn't have 0% only 12.5% then it goes to auto. I tried 12.5% but the system crashes during prime95 run, same as auto.
  5. Then 100% it is.
  6. i5-2500K - P67 Overclocking

    ASUS P8P67 WS Revolution B3 (nf200)

    * hit multiplier to 44
    * disable turbo boost
    * disable speed spectrum
    (some motherboards will disable turbo when speed spectrum is disabled)
    * LLC - regular or medium (x45 and below)
    * Phase Control - optimized
    * enable internal PPL overvoltage
    * enable execute disable bit
    * enable Intel Virtualization Tech
    * disable CPUID Maximum
    * disable overspeed protection
    * CPU @ 120%
    * CPU voltage - offset mode (-0.015)
    * long and short duration times, set them both to 150...
    * make sure power saving features are enabled:
    C1E, C3/C6, CPU EIST
    * set hardware monitor | fans no less than 62.5%
    * XMP RAM
    * save and exit
    * boot into windows

    default voltage levels with multi up to x43: 1.24-1.26V
    multi x44 up to x47 voltage: 1.30 - 1.375v

    LLC - load line calibration
    x45 = medium / x49 = high

    CPU temp: idle @ 30C (package) / load @ 61C
    CPU cooling: CM TX3 with dual 92mm fans (push/pull)

    tweaked my 2500K unit....
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