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So I've been trying out some overclocks, and been using MSI Kombustor to test it out. My Question is, of a few, is why does it heat up so much more than other things. I'm using the burn in at 1920x1080, and I'm hitting 86 degrees celcius with my Sapphire 7850, when in all games I never exceed 64 degrees. Also another question, how long should I keep it running? I left it running for 15 minutes, before a slight burn smell came to my nose, in which I instantly ended it. There was no obvious damage to my computer, but what part do you guys think caused the smell? My PSU is a no-name crappy PSU, but it has more than enough power to power my system (More than 200W left).
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  1. By the way, my case has only has one set of holes, which is the psu fan hole, no other air gets in, it just recirculates used air. I'm getting a HAF X today, which should help alot with temps I would think.
  2. Could have been the PSU or the power supply on the video card.

    Kombustor's job is to stress your GPU to its max. That's why it gets it so hot. Games just want to wow you and stressing your GPU is just a byproduct rather than a goal.

    A side fan, feeding air directly to the intake of your GPU will help. But a custom fan profile that sends your GPU fan to 100% at 70C would help right now. (while you wait on the case)
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    Furmark/Kombustor stresses the gpu to its limits, hence it burns. Its to test out the maximum amount of temperature you are going to expect. Real life usage will be considerably lower than it.
  4. Ah, ok I see. Should I buy a new PSU? Its not that its no-brand, like it has its own website, but its not to Antec/Corsair Standards. I'll most likely buy a new PSU if I get a new card, but I'd like to to be future proof. what would you guys recommend? I'm looking for a silent modular 850W+ PSU, and the 1000W OCZ ZX for only 200 looks fantastic with 5 years warranty.
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