My 4870 and screen resolution.. so annoying!!!

So recently, i updated my driver for the 4870 and all hell started after that.

When i go to Aero theme with Win7 64-bit , the windows lag when i minimize/maximize and the screen lags when i scroll up and down on google chrome.
To resolve this, i switched to Win 7 basic and now it looks so ugly.

And another big problem annoys me....

I have my computer go to power save mode/ sleep mode after like 5 minutes. If it's like 20 minutes idle and then i wake the computer back up, my main screen is black ( 1920x1080 ) and my second monitor is fine ( 1280x1024 ) . So i have to do ctrl+alt+del on the main monitor and colors appear again, but it is reset to 1024 x 768 automatically. I didn't do anything! I have to restart to revert back to 1080p on my main monitor.

Are there any solutions to these two problems?


Win 7 64-bit
i7 920 @ 3.2Ghz
XFX 4870 1gb
6gb g.skill

And my temps are fine... my i7 idles at around mid to low 30 degrees C. And my 4870 is underclocked so it idles at around 42 C
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  1. That's a major driver problem all right. Uninstall the drivers, and run Driver Sweeper, or Drive Cleaner Pro. Of course, follow the instructions. After you do that, install the more recent drivers and you should be good to go.
  2. Yes try updating your VGA drivers and do a clean uninstall/reinstall,here is how:
    1_Download and install Driver Sweeper from:
    2_Uninstall your current driver from add/remove apps and restart and boot to safe mode.
    3_In safe mode,open driver sweeper and click on ATI and then click clean.Restart and boot normally to windows.
    4_Download and install the latest VGA driver from and after the installation restart and its done.
  3. ughh i followed all your steps... and the glitches are still there D=

    Is this like a windows 7 instability? or an ATI driver glitch?
  4. I think its a driver issue.
    With Aero disabled,you don't have any of those problems ?
  5. Sometimes, drive sweeper may not be effective in uninstalling the ATI driver. Had a a same experience before.

    If you already installed the ATI driver, un-install it using the ATI catalyst un-installer;

    I did not reboot my computer, since my win7 does not required to do so... then I downloaded the latest Win7 64bit latest driver and installed it.

    If you are using 32bit, then you can also download it from the same site.

    Let me know if this does not work.

    I agree, it is sometimes troublesome, in installing the ATI drivers, but once you experience it, you can get a hang of it...
  6. okay i did everything over again. This time, i downloaded drivers just released yesterday... hopefully that will fix things up.

    vaughn2k- i downloaded the ATI uninstaller and it partially removed things i think lol. So i had to manually delete the old graphic driver

    Maziar- Yes, with aero disabled, win 7 basic runs smoothly
  7. Had a lot of work, eh. Lets wait and see from AMD/ATI... they're now on their feet.
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