Success! Eyefinity using passive vga adapter

I recently picked up 5750 from an openbox newegg deal. Originally, I wasn't thinking about eyefinity because I bought the card since it was cheap (under $100) and had the blu ray audio protected path. But I realized I had three 19 inch dell monitors, and I heard some people had success using passive Displayport to VGA, so I gave it a shot.

My system:
C2D E6400 2.13 @ 2.9 ghz
ECS 610i (ya ya I know)
2 gb DDR2 667
Ultra 600 watt psu
Powercolor ATI 5750
3 19-inch Dell Monitors (1280 x 1024)
1 Black DisplayPort Mail to VGA Female Adapter (from Amazon by Bargaincell, $18)

I was trying to accomplish 3840 x 1024 which would roughly get me twice the horizontal res of my 23in 1080p monitor.

To my surprise, all three monitors worked immediately at their native 1280 x 1024 res. No shenanigans! Naturally, "no shenanigans" didn't last long. When I went to enable eyefinity, the merge process froze and the displayport monitor crashed. My hopes and dreams were nightmares realized. Either the DP monitor would crash or would only come in at 640 x 400. So I played around with it: Rebooted my pc, move the displayport adapter to another monitor, etc etc etc. I could still only get the 3 monitors to work in extended desktop mode and clone mode but not in eyefinity! I decided to changed all monitors to 1024 x 768 and then try. It worked. I booted up L4D2. I went to the Video options and changed the res from 3072 x 768 to 3840 x 1024 and, viola, it changed without a problem. I played for about an hour and had no stutters, screen restarts, or lag. When I exited the game my desktop was still in eyefinity mode at 3840 x 1024.

The only problem I have had is when the monitors come back from sleep mode the DP one will crash. But it is pretty easy for me to get it working.
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  1. A passive DP to DVI adapter will work, as it will produce a single-link DVI which is ample for 1280x1024.
    However as you fixed your problem...
  2. Sabot, he used DP to VGA, it uses the RAMDACs, single link DVI won't work if the other two are occupied with either DVI or HDMI connections. The use of the DP->VGA works because it uses the RAMDACs not the TMDS.
  3. Yes, I too can confirm that (at least some) passive adaptors do work with eyefinity.

    Yesterday the new monitors I recently ordered were delivered, & I set up my new eyefinity config for the first time.

    Im running Win7-64bit, 5870 with 3 (new) 25" 1920x1080 monitors.

    I used this adaptor for the displayport connection:

    First, I installed the latest version of catalyst & video drivers. Then, I did a simple plug&play set-up. Everything worked fine on start up. All three monitors were running at their maximum resolutions and Eyefinity was working at 5760x1080.

    I haven't done any extensive testing, but in the few hours I worked with the set up last nite, I did not experience a single problem.

    Props to TheGreatGrapeApe for explaining (in another thread here at Tom's forums) that these passive adaptors do work for Eyefinity for monitors with resolutions up to 1920x1080 (and 1920x1200 with reduced blanking). If you plan to run at higher resolution, then you do need one of the powered active adaptors (afaik).
  4. dag naggit, wish i read your post youngster, got another adapter that was $15 and it didn't work and the one you got isn't even available anymore :/ guess i'll have to test until i can find one, thank you for providing the only usable data on this subject out of like 20 pages i've found though
  5. Indeed, the BYTECC AP-DPVGA-005 DisplayPort to VGA Cable Adapter works! I have two Westinghouse 22w2 1680x1050 DVI and a L2610NW 1080p screen with the DP to VGA adapter, unfortunately the 2610 is my friends and I cant barrow it forever :( looking for another 22w2 or similar...
  6. How much do you really like this 'friend' anyways.... as much as surround gaming? :evil:

    Yeah it's funny that AMD is putting up that VGA list now;

    That would've made earlier discussions easier when it was getting the reaction like I was trying to promote alchemy from used pop cans. :??:

    The list also seems to grow as setups are confirmed since AMD admits they didn't have the resources to test every configuration. Hopefully it saves alot of people headaches nowadays and they know how to do this with VGA and don't expect passive triple DVI. Maybe in a hardware refresh AMD/ATi can add the extra TMDS on die to help allow a passive adapter, especially if they move to all DP solution that would be helpful. Just not sure the transistor real-estate that would require and if that would be considered worth it for the number of people using more than 2 monitors (heck I use 3 at work on my laptop). I think if they did that they'd make alot of enthusiasts happy, and if they have no other plans for the space of a 32nm shrink or some left over, then that'd be a nice benefit to add.
  7. Ok i am in the same boat so instead of making someone rich off the active adapters im goning to try a passive one, At present i am running 3 dell se197fp vga input screens max res is 1280 x 1024 so hopefully this should work for me also i found the adapter for 18 bucks with free shipping on ebay. Seeing as i wont be upgrading anytime soon to new monitors i think i might be in luck. I will inform the community for poor folk like me ,who dont have dvi screens, if this worked also. I am running 2 5770's in crossfire
  8. I was wondering, you guy's mention that if one were to use a DP to Analog adaptor that you'd have to run it at the lowest res. Do you guys mean that for eyefinity or for multi tasking because I don't want eyefinity since I have a 26", 22", and a 19" and the 19" is analog only. Could I buy a cheap DP to Analog adaptor and use it on the 19" keeping the same res on the other 2 (1680 x 1050 DVI and 1920 x 1200 DVI or HDMI TV) as well as 1440 x 900 on the 19" for just desktop stuff? Like I said, I don't really care about eyefinity as of now because of the great difference in monitor sizes. Thanks
  9. Pixelgod51 thats almost excately what I'm trying to do. I have 2x22" and an lcd tv.
    Now they are connected like this:

    dvi -> monitor 1
    dvi -> monitor 2
    dp -> lcd tv (1360 * 768)

    Now if i unplug the dp and plug it back in everything works fine, but when i reboot the dp comes up as 640x480 and i can't even change the resolution. I then need to unplug it and plug it back in.

    If anyone else has a fix for this I'd be extremely happy!
  10. confirmed

    got 5970 sapphire OC

    bought 3x benq 2400wd

    bought apple miniport to vga passive adapter

    got some problems at the start but this is how i fixed it

    1- updated the monitor on miniport driver to analog version using the info file came with the lcd Cd

    2-update the other two monitors with DVI with the digital version of benq using the same info file ( it contains both versions)

    3- shutdown pc , and connect only the miniport monitor, start the pc

    4- connect left monitor while win7 working

    5 connect right monitor while win7 working

    ignoe any error win7/CCC warn u about

    creat profile with ur eyefinity ` setup


    to avoid all errors .....i already ordered accell active miniport displayer

    but the apple ( passive) miniport-vga realy works fine so far

    i7 2.67 at 4 ghz

    1333 6 gig coarsair

    extreme rampage 2 MB

    LCS v6000 thermaletake water cooling tower + 5970 sapphire OC

    and tbh eyefinity worth all the money so far
  11. one thing more

    dont restart ur pc , shutdown and restart after

    tested on
    bad company

    all working so far
  12. Try this DisplayPort to VGA adapter . Non active DisplayPort to DVI won't work because they rely on an internal DVI clock and the HD5xxx series only has two such clocks. The VGA solution gets around it but with ill-defined DisplayPort power switching I've found many do not play well with eyefinity on a daily basis. The one listed on ebay is the only one I've found that will do everything perfectly.

    There are some dongles that have been AMD validated but they are extremely difficult to find.
  13. hi
    just bought the bytecc dp to vga adaptor, Installed, but the LCD keep flicking, I can not change the reflesh rate at the catalytic setp up. How did you make your's to work? thanks
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