HP m9510f cannot enable virtualization

BIOS set up does not show enable virtualization in power setup like user manual says it should. HP help desk said I was supposed to have this capability, but said I would have to pay $60US to talk to the next tier of service. Have downloaded and ran latest BIOS ipdate sp40997.exe. nothing changed. Can anyone help.? or will I have to buty a new bios or motherboard to get virtualization capability?
HP pavilion M9510f NC 692aa-Ab1 service id 050-709
Thanks in advance.
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  1. Well if you have the Q8200 quad processor that says it came with you will not be able to run virtualization. In order to run virtualization the processor has to support it and unfortunatly the Q8200 does not support it sorry. It looks like hp lied to you thats why if you want it done right do it yourself.
  2. You can run virtual machines without hardware support all be it with lower performance. Microsoft has dropped the requirement for hardware virtualization support in Windows 7 to run the XP virtual machine.
  3. VMware 7 changed the rules. VMware 6.5 works fine. VMware 7 does not and demads a processor that does virtualization.
  4. As SAAIELLO said the cpu must support it, also the motherboard.
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