Please help.. WEI score drop from 7.3 to 5.9

i know the WEI doesn't mean that much, but i am puzzled why my score has dropped.

i just built a new rig and when i first installed windows 7, it was scoring the RAM at 7.3 (Gskill 4gb DDR3 CL-9)

i havent touched any ram settings, but i've used overdrive to OC slightly x4 955 to 3.4ghz, my CPU WEI score jumped .1 but my RAM is now at 5.9

any ideas what may have caused this or how i can get the score back up?

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  1. When you adjusted your overclock using the "Overdrive", it automatically adjusted your RAM, which it looks like has effected the performance of your score.

    I would maybe suggest, setting back up at default (no overclock), record your RAM settings (speed/MHz, voltage and Latency/timings), redo the overclock and confirm your new RAM settings. Adjust back to where they were originally and double check your WEI score.
  2. based on the maxmemm test, does it seem like my RAM is performing normally??
  3. Your RAM still performs normally, yes. DDR2-800 RAM has Memory Read of 6400 MB/sec. So yes, your DDR3 still do its job.

    But I have no clue why the score dropped to 5.9 thing. Perhaps above suggestion will do.
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