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I currently have a radeon 4650 low profile that runs at 600/400 , 512mb, I would like to get a new video card that will be able to work with games like crysis and that I will be able to use for the next few years to run games good, im not talking max settings max performance, max money, just around like 100-160$ with my radeon 4650 I am not able to overclock it when I have my secondary monitor plugged in, I have read a lot about people having this issue, the screen will flicker on the second monitor even if you overclock it 5MHZ it flickers, this is a very common issue so I want to make sure that the video card I get will let me overclock it with 2 monitors, should I switch to nvidia? I dont care whether i use nvidia or ati I just want a good card for a good price that runs dual monitors good and overclockable

System specs are:

AMD X2 5600+
4GB DDR2 800
240GB Seagate HD 7200 RPM
2X 500gb wd's 7200RPM
Radeon 4650 512MB ddr2 128 bit 600/400

I know you might say upgrade your motherboard and cpu first, but I just did upgrade it, im waiting for the i7's to get cheaper.

Thank you
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  1. Why need the overclock? Even a 100MHz overclock on that thing's only going to bring in about 5% boost, so if you get 30FPS then it will jump to 31.5FPS.
    There aren't many better low-profile cards, there's a low-profile 4670 (moderate boost), a GTS 250 (large boost), & 4870X2 (HUGE boost)
  2. I dont need a low profile card, i have a full atx tower right now
  3. I only have a 430watt thermaltake psu though :(
  4. Well that's what you should be upgrading first. On newegg the 500w OCZ is only $39 after MIR and is a terrific value--high efficiency/quality. (Otherwise I would have recommended the Corsair 450vx.)

    Depending on the thermaltake specs you could probably run a 5750--IF you were not interested in overclocking. Since you are you need to upgrade your PSU right away.

    Then get one of the two options sabot suggested.
  5. I just purchased my psu and I love it its so nice looking, I didnt think i was going to be gaming with it, what video cards do u think I could run safely? I wont overclock because I have 2 monitors and with ati cards the screen flickers when ati card is overclocked.

    I was at a computer store today and this guy there was saying that my psu was not powerful enough to run anything faster then a radeon 4650, is this true? I really dont wanna buy a new psu, ill run whatever I can with this, ill get a new psu later on this year..

    what do u think I can handle? I just put in a radeon 4650 1gb but Its not much of an upgrade from my low profile version so I am going to return it. it runs fine and only uses like 47 watts..

    what do u think I can handle safely, the fastest for a good price.

    thanks a lot for ur help
  6. Also, I just purchased a 460watt coolmaster psu, its nice but ugly, do u think its worth switching from this one to that one and putting this 430 watt psu in his computer, hes not a gamer, and putting the 460 watt in here? would 30 watts make a difference? The psu in here is sooo beautiful but if its really worth the 30 watts then i might switch it but if its not worth it then ill keep this 430 watt thermaltake and run whatever.

  7. Can you take the PSUs back? Neither is great quality (I dont know about the thermaltake without specs)

    The guy talking about the 4650 was wrong-- you could run any card not requiring a 6-pin just fine, and maybe some cards that do require it.

    I'm pretty certain you can handle any of the cards below--but the 5750/4770 are right on the line. If I were you I would get a 5670($99) or one of the 9800GTs that doesnt need a 6-pin connector($80ish)(which is much more efficient than the 8800gt shown below)

  8. Right now im running a radeon 4650 ddr2 1gb what do u think would be the best upgrade for the best price? around 80-140 ish
  9. I cant buy anything right now, no credit card but is there anything on this bestbuy site thats better then the radeon 4650 that my psu could handle, and no I cant take any of those psu's back, I wish I could

    Thanks, heres the link

    I would like to get something better then the 4650 which has 1gb ddr2 600mhz core clock and 500 mhz on the memory

    I really appreciate your help
  10. As stated:
    If I were you I would get a 5670($99) or one of the 9800GTs that doesnt need a 6-pin connector($80ish)(which is much more efficient than the 8800gt shown below)

    If you cant find one of those the GT 240 with ddr5 is decent.
  11. Awesome man, they have one for 100$ they also have the gt 250 would that be too much of a load for my psu? Also it has 512mb of memory is that not enough memory? would i notice a difference between 512 and 1024

    im willing to spend some extra money if it would be worth it to do so
  12. Do you think I could run something around the 4850?

    I just want something where I will notice a good difference upgrading from this 4650, I dont see that 5670 at best buy :( I am buying it through best buy because I have a 100$ gift card there.
    I just want something better then 600mhz gpu clock and 500mhz memory clock or around that will ddr5, That geforce 240 looks good but if you recommended that because of a price limit and there is something nicer that I can get I am interested in anything better, the best video card from that I can run.

    Sorry I have so many questions and seem annoying.
  13. Best answer
    I refuse to buy anything at best buy... its just such a ripoff. Then they donate all our money into politics. That 4850 you just linked is only worth $99 online. :-( Ironically only one card on the website is priced appropriately and its the 9800 GTX that is very power hungry. Its like they were priced by morons--the 9800gt and 9800 gtx are the same price.. .

    Personally, the highest card of the options you have there that I would run is the GT240 ddr5 or the 9800GT (both are only worth about $80)

    If a 5750 or 4770 become available you would PROBABLY be ok with them--and they would be your best value choices.

    The GTS 250/9800GTX asks for a 450w power supply.. and with your low amperage/low efficiency units I don't really feel comfortable telling you to ignore that. You dont need 1 gb--but if the price difference is as small as it is on this site you should just get the 1 gb.
  14. Isnt there something else you can get at best buy--and get a video card online or at a microcenter ?
  15. Best answer selected by vexun11.
  16. Yea I usually never shop anywhere but newegg but I have this stupid gift card there lol.. Also I wish they had a microcenter here but they dont, there is an EBC computers here but they dont have much to offer.
  17. So do you know what you will do?

    I am being cautious here... There is a good chance you could get away with the GTS 250, 5750, 4770. You can definitely run a 9800GT, 5670, gt 240.
  18. I think I am going to return this radeon 4650 600/400 1gb ddr2 and get the gt 240, u think it would be much fasteR?
  19. You can return it? Yes that's a great idea. Can you also return your power supply...?

    I just looked at the dell site again.. The 9800GT is $115 and The GT 240 is $105.
    The 9800GT is a little stronger, but the GT 240 is newer(direct x 10.1).. so its up to you.

    This article discusses the GT 240. In the comparison you should assume the 8800gt and 9800gt have equal performance.,2475.html
  20. I can only return the radeon 4650, not the psu, so the gt240 is a good choice?
    or is the 9800gt worth paying for being faster?
  21. If $10 isnt a big deal--yea spend more for the 9800GTs. I just didn't see this model the first time because of the crappy search feature.

    It requires a 6-pin connector, but the card doesn't have high power requirements. (ideally the box should have a 4pin to 6 pin converter if you don't have one)
  22. I dont see a gts I just see gt's and gtx but thanks im gona pick it up when i get off work, you have been a HUGE help
  23. i was pluralizing, lol. its 9800gt.
  24. haha alright, I was just at best buy, like all of their cards are sold out but my buddy needed to get some stuff from best buy so he bought my gift card so now I have 100$ and can spend it and mabey more money on newegg and not get ripped off my best buy.

    I cant decide what I wanna get cuz prices on newegg are soo much better.
  25. Hey,

    5760--starting at $99 free shipping

    9800GT: $84 after MIR

    These two cards are similarly powerful, but one is newer and cooler and one is cheaper and older.

    Slower than the above two but a fantastic price after MIR.

    Finally.. you can probably run a 5750--but it will depend on the amperage on the 12v rail of your power supply. You might consider starting another thread asking this, because I'm not sure exactly what the 5750 needs.

    If you have a large monitor you might want 1 GB on the card, 21" and under should be fine with 512...
  26. Awesome man thank you for the advice, I want to go with that 5770 unless there is something more powerful that my psu can handle then I might spend extra money unless it wouldnt be worth it, in the reviews for the 5770 people are saying they were running it with 300 watt psu's so i wonder if my psu could handle an even faster card, but if not im gona order tomorrow,

    Oh and I forgot, I run dual 22' lcd's so you are right id prolly need more video memory

  27. You mean 5670.. lol I read that at first and got mad thinking you had ignored me completely.

    I said it before and i will say it again-- if you want great performance and a high-end card you need a better PSU. What I suggested is the best you should handle with what you have.
  28. 512 MB will drive up to 1920x1200 without AA, you might want to go with 1GB if it is cheap, however to my knowledge there aren't any tests confirming that.
  29. alright awesome, sorry about that miscommunication lol.. Im going to order the 1gb 5670 today.

    Thanks so much for your help
  30. I just purchased a pny geforce 9800GT Thanks to you I got something nice, this thing is big but doesnt need a 6pin pcie cable, it runs just great, on the box it says the card needs a 12v current rating of 26a , mines only 18 but it should be fine

    Thanks again for all your time spent helping me, which was a lot.
  31. This 9800 GT is absolutely amazing, ever game I have played I can turn everything up maxed out at 1680x1050, ive never really had a decent gaming rig, ive always had to turn settings down and not be able to enjoy the real thing, no I finally am able to :D This card is excellent and at a good price too.

    thanks again for your help
  32. Great. Keep a close watch on your temperatures though.
  33. yea i always keep close watch, the temps have been averaging 60-68, its never left that, i also have really good cooling lol.. my radeon 4650 I had before this was 55-73 always, and I had that for a long time.
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